Hydraulic engineering

The term ‘hydraulic engineering’, sometimes known as ‘water works’, relates to all construction projects both in and on the water.  This can range from the construction and maintenance of quay walls, landing stages, locks and other harbour infrastructure, through to dredging work and beach, riverbank and seabed protection.

Hydraulic engineering is one of the most important pillars of the activities in the Artes Group.  We have years of experience and extensive knowledge of the skills and techniques necessary to bring water works to a successful conclusion.  For this very specific type of work, the Artes Group has at its disposal a wide range of floating equipment, including tugs, pontoons and the unique Lynn lifting platform.

Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers and Artes TWT are all active in the field of hydraulic engineering.  Artes TWT is known first and foremost for the implementation of maintenance work on locks, river banks and landing stages.  Artes Depret and Artes Roegiers have a long history in the construction of quay walls, landing stages, locks, etc. in many different locations, including the ports of Zeebrugge, Ghent and Antwerp.