Prefabricated or precast concrete units are building materials in concrete or reinforced concrete that are made in advance to a specific shape like columns, wall elements, floor elements, etc. The use of prefab elements offers many advantages, including better control of the production process and therefore better quality control of the concrete itself.  Production times can also be reduced or else stocks of the different units built up, so that the speed of project implementation can be enhanced. This limits the number of man-hours necessary on site, to the benefit of all concerned.

Artes Prefab is responsible for the production and delivery of prefabricated elements and steel reinforcing to its three sister companies: Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers and Artes TWT.
In addition to its activities as a production company, Artes Prefab has a good insight into the wider building process, so that it can offer sound advice to its sister companies about the incorporation of precast concrete elements into other building projects.  The aim is always to find the best solution for the site and customer in question.  Thanks to the great flexibility and commitment of the Artes Prefab staff, it is possible to guarantee constant high quality and service.  This often allows the other subsidiaries to reduce the completion times of their projects, which represents a significant competitive advantage.