Project development

To an ever-increasing degree, building projects are no longer following the classic trajectory of public tender, with a triangular partnership between customer, architect and contractor.  Our customers are asking more and more for a partner who can offer solutions for all the different aspects and phases of a project: design, construction, funding and even exploitation.  In the public sector, this happens within the framework of a PPP (public-private partnership).  It is not just the construction process itself that is important, but also the vital synergies between the different disciplines.

To take account of this growing trend, the Artes Group set up Artes Projects as a new subsidiary. The main aim of Artes Projects is to use correct risk allocations to ensure maximum return on all elements of the project for all the parties concerned.

Depending upon the specific requirements of the customer and the geographical location of the worksite, Artes Projects liaises with the other contracting subsidiaries in the Artes Group to put together a team that is capable of meeting all the customer’s wishes in a manner that will bring every aspect of the project to a happy and successful conclusion.
Depending on the specifics of the project, Artes Projects may seek to make use of the external expertise of architects, study bureaus, financial institutions, maintenance companies, operating companies, etc. 

In addition to its activities in PPP, Artes Projects is also profiling itself increasingly as a project developer for the commercialisation of apartment buildings and car parks, as well as the building and long-term leasing of office premises.

Arets Projects does not focus exclusively on PPP and project development, but also wishes to position itself as an additional  knowledge centre within the Artes Group.  This will allow the different subsidiaries, working in unison, to develop even closer ties with the customer.