Restoration involves carrying out all works necessary to return a building or structure to its original condition.  Specialist knowledge, experience and respect for the history of the building are all of crucial importance in the execution of this complex task.
For the restoration of protected monuments and buildings, every effort is made to cause as a little damage as possible to the existing structure and to use original materials and techniques, applied with proper consideration for the values and significance that the monument or building represents. 

With Artes Woudenberg the Artes Group has a subsidiary that is specialised in the restoration of both classified and non-classified buildings.  Artes Woudenberg has an excellent reputation and is one of the leading companies in the sector.  This reputation is based on its outstanding technical knowledge and its many years of experience, as witnessed by the numerous total renovation projects it has carried out in churches, cathedrals, forts, castles, mansions and other protected buildings.  The Artes Woudenberg trademark is quality of the very highest standard, relying on the crafts and skills of its own personnel, who execute the majority of the work.  For this reason, Artes Woudenberg has its own carpentry and stone cutting units, which supply the worksites with the necessary raw materials.

Artes Woudenberg also has a considerable added value for the other subsidiaries, which can make uses of Artes Woudenberg’s specific knowledge and expertise for different stages of their own building projects.  For example, a project may require the façade of a building to be preserved, whereas everything behind that façade is new construction.  Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers and Artes TWT all carry out projects of this kind, but will consult Artes Woudenberg about any restoration elements that may be involved.   
Artes TWT also has some experience in the restoration of buildings and monuments, including the citadel in Namur and the Palace of Justice in Huy.