Civil engineering

The term ‘civil engineering’ relates to infrastructural construction projects, including bridges, tunnels, railways, stations, car parks, water purification installations, etc.  These are all projects that have a positive impact on the social landscape and therefore improve the quality of society as a whole in social and/or economic terms. 

The Artes Group occupies a leading position in this highly competitive market in Belgium.  The group is particularly adept at complex projects, where the great flexibility and commitment of our staff, working with the right modern equipment, can be used to best advantage.

Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers and Artes TWT are all active in the field of civil engineering.  Artes TWT is specialised in the construction and maintenance of railways and bridges.  Artes Depret and Artes Roegiers have years of experience in the building of tunnels, bridges and underground car parks.  Artes Roegiers is also a reference for station works and high-speed train projects.